Welcome to WineSeekers ... WineSeekers is the Koolest place to hang out if you appreciate and enjoy the art of wines. Here we experience BOUTIQUE WINES through informal yet informational winetasting, wine conversations, networking and other wine events. Here you will discover all boutique wines/wineries specifically of women, people of color  and special unique wines/wineries that you would NOT be able to get anywhere else except for here!  

WineSeekers provides the perfect forum and venues for wine lovers from the Novice to the Connoisseur to network and share their wine journey. If you want to know what to drink with what food…this is the place to be! So go get a glass of wine and come on in and invite other wine lovers to browse around and let’s talk wine starting now...So, what are you sipping?  Cheers!
PJ Rhae


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