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Learn Through Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Made Easy

Hosting your first wine tasting should be a rite of passage for wine lovers.  First you should have a theme…what wine area would you like to take a trip?  Is it the Bordeaux area, Italy, Spain, New Zealand…you get where this is going?  Then you can pick a varietal and compare it with the other countries or regions.  Next, think about your guests. Are they wine connoisseurs or they just discovery wine.  How many guests will you be inviting? If you are having 5-10, present 4-8 wines. 

Where there is wine, there shall be food. So don’t forget to determine what type of food go with your wines.  A selection of cheeses, olives, salumi, nuts and dried fruit go well with any wine. Or just have some finger foods/appetizers. 

Send out invitations to go with your theme and let them know if you will be providing the wines or they will be bring a bottle of wine.  If they will be providing some wine let them know exactly what to bring.

So, what will be the theme of your next wine tasting?


Don J.