WineSeekers was created out of passion and necessity for the love of wine.  As a certified nutritionist I have always had a fascination and passion for being healthy with red wine.  My passion is to find and enjoy wines from boutique wineries that are off the beaten path while sharing with others about this experience and the total “art of wine”… this led me to become a certified sommelier.  My wine journey has taken me to many wine regions and appellations. Throughout my extensive wine journey I have found one common denominator among wine lovers...true wine lovers are passionate about wine, learning about wine and sharing their wine experience with others.  I drew  a one striking conclusion “being a true wine lover is like being a part of an exclusive club or a tight nit fraternity or sorority”.  Everyone greets you and treat you like a long lost sibling…”what a wonderful feeling”.

As an entrepreneur and with extensive travel, wine tasting experience and after meeting thousands of wine lovers I noticed that there was one thing missing - a way to stay in touch, connect and reconnect with “true” wine lovers.  Hence, WineSeekers was created as an online community of wine lovers.  At WineSeekers, wine lovers can log in, create a free account, and start connecting with other wine lovers, share wine tasting experience, favorite wine, creates their own wine blog and start communicating with other wine lovers.  In essence WineSeekers is a Facebook for wine lovers. 

This community was created for wine lovers and relies on their feedback and input for helping it to thrive.  If you are a wine lover or curious about wine, this is your community to shape as you will.  Here you can create your own groups, post and share wine information and give others your opinion on wine, wineries or other social network.  We also host many special events in Northern California such as; wine tastings, wine cruises, winemaker dinners, murder mysteries, wine and jazz events. 

I encourage everyone to create an account now and start sharing your wine experience with others.  I hope that you enjoy your WineSeekers community and will add many friends and shape your own group and community.  WineSeekers was created with you in mind.  So join now and start experiencing and sharing  great wines and letting everyone know what you are sipping.

PJ Rhae